Thank you for your interest in Zenith Youth Theatre.


Due to the popularity of the group we operate a Waiting List.

Below is some information on how the list operates, which we hope will help give as many people as possible the opportunity to join. Members are invited from the waiting list as long as they are 13 on the date of the auditions. 

We have a maximum number of people who can join the group depending on the show we are doing and the venue we are performing at. People are invited to join the group for each show in February and July. We can only offer places when cast members decide to leave or when we decide to expand the group for a particular show.

While we try to give as much notice as possible to invite someone to join, this cannot always be possible, as we are dependent on people deciding whether they will stay in the group or not. 

Our Constitution gives siblings or offspring of current or ex-members priority over anyone else on the list, regardless of how long they have been on the list, as long as a place is available. 

Invited members will be given the opportunity to join the group TWICE before we will have to put them to the bottom of the list. This is to enable to give people a chance.If there are special circumstances as to why someone cannot accept their place this may be taken into consideration.

Michelle Tucker - Membership Secretary 

The Application form can be downloaded here Application Form.pdf   Zenith application form.doc

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