The Zenith / Roper Legacy Award Fund 

Policy Procedures and Application

The Zenith / Roper legacy is a fund set up as a result of the fiftieth anniversary fundraising activity.


Aim of the Legacy Award 

During the fiftieth anniversary year fundraising activity £20,000 was raised to assist a cast member with the cost of attending auditions. It is the intention of the committee to invest this sum in an account/fund where interest could be maximised.  It is envisaged that the Legacy Award will be available for a least twenty years.  It will be made available to an eligible cast member to assist with the expenses involved in accessing auditions in musical theatre, stage management and performing arts, including the costs relating to preparation and attendance; such as transport, scripts, fees, equipment and anything else that the legacy panel deems reasonable.


Aim of the policy 

The aim of the policy is to set out fair and transparent principles and procedures for the allocation of the legacy fund.


The Procedures  

The legacy will be available each year from 30 November.  Applications can be submitted from September onwards and should be addressed to The Secretary, Zenith Youth Theatre Company. Each year up to £1000 will be made available and will be awarded on submission and acceptance of an application form and a personal statement. 

Reimbursements will be made on receipt of proof of expenditure or pro forma invoice from the theatre school and will be in the form of a cheque or electronic payments.

    • Applications will be initially screened for eligibility criteria by the Zenith Committee.
    • An independent legacy panel will consider the applications in detail and adjudicate.  
    • The panel will consist of a nominated committee member as an observer and two past members who are not related to the applicant.  Members of the panel will be approved by the Committee, Production and Musical Director. 
    • The Committee will publicise the scheme on the Zenith website, and inform parents in the joining pack
    • Changes to these Policies and Procedures that benefit the principles of this Legacy Award fund can be tabled as an agenda item and amended by the committee.


Criteria and guidance for the Legacy Award 

Cast members must have been members for the previous two consecutive years. The funding is available should applicants be recalled for audition.


How to apply


    • Complete the application form

    • Write a short succinct letter supporting your application giving as much information as you can about:
    • your reasons for applying
    • your contributions to Zenith (performing and non performing) since you joined
    • how the fund will enable you to meet your goals
    • hat will happen if you are not successful with your application


Applications should be returned to the Secretary by 31st October for consideration.


Examples of what might help your application


Regular attendance at rehearsals

Supporting and encouraging fellow cast members, especially new members

Being an outstanding ambassador 

Taking part and helping with fundraising activities

Helping with set build, painting, lighting, costume etc

Helping with get in and out

Being a Zenith Rep



What happens next? 

The applications are screened by the Zenith committee against criteria

The legacy panel will interview the applicants consider the applications and make a judgement.

The applicants will be informed of the decisions.

The panels’ decision is final and appeals will not be considered.

Download the Roper Legacy Form here Zenith Youth Theatre Company Legacy Application Form Ver 1.2.doc

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